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Duration (hh:mm:ss) 743:51:28 (31 Giorni)
Total Hits 111,886
Total Cached Hits 59,355
Unique Visitors 2,915
Visitor Sessions 8,241
Average Visitors Per Hour 3.92
Files Downloaded N/A
MB Transferred 329.23
Most Popular Search Term(s) Unknown Entry
Pages Containing Errors 7,413
Invalid Log File Lines 0

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These reports highlight the popularity of different pages and files, and also where visitors entered and exited your site. You can also use this set of reports to identify typical paths through your site and to/from particular pages.
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Total page views: 23,952
Most popular page: /asp2/risultatoGrande2.asp
Least popular page: N/A
Most popular entry page: /asp2/risultatoGrande2.asp
Most popular exit page: /asp2/risultatoGrande2.asp
Most accessed file type: Unknown Entry
Most downloaded file: Unknown Entry
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Host Virtuali report thumbnail These reports highlight areas of your site that are causing errors and require checking. Use this information to rectify broken links and any other errors which may be compromising your site's integrity.
Diagnostic Statistics  
Total broken links: N/A
Most common error: File Non Trovato (404)
Total server errors: 11,341
Page with most broken links: Unknown Entry
Visitors affected by errors: 1,893
Most common file not found: /asp2/risultatoGrande2.asp (500)
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